CSE Entertainment


About us

CSE Entertainment is a University spin-off company from sport and driving simulator development projects in University of Oulu and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Finland, 2010-2014. Company’s main focus is to develop the best exergaming products in the world. Our motivation is to offer an alternative for boring cardio training as well as inspire people of all age to exercise and have fun using company’s interactive fitness products.

After several years of product development CSE has now state-of-the-art exergaming products like iWall4Active and Athene Exergaming. Cooperation with UK based company, Pulse Fitness, has opened a whole new era for cardio equipment.

In the beginning of 2017 the Trixter VR exercise bike and Pulse VR treadmill powered by Athene Exergaming are officially launched. These products have unique features which have not been seen in cardio devices before. Features like facial recognition, freedom to move freely in huge high quality virtual environments, online racing, feel of the resistance in virtual uphill. These are just a scratch of the feature list.

CSE has now taken a strong position as a world class exergaming products developer. We are super motivated to continue our way to develop amazing interactive fitness products.