Indoor cycling has never been this much fun 

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An action-packed exergame that is fun, challenging, and makes you want to play again and again!

The power generated by your exercise bike is transferred in real-time to your virtual motorcycle. Adjust the resistance to produce more power. Challenge your friends to see who is the fastest! 

cycloBEAT gives you variety in your daily activity

Playing is challenging and keeps you entertained and active.


Fast-paced games that raise your heart rate and include cognitive challenges


Compete together to see who is the fastest on the track or challenge yourself to improve your personal record.


You don’t always have to pedal the hardest to win. Learn where to speed up and where to slow down. 

cycloBEAT inspires and motivates

cycloBEAT provides entertainment and exercise for children and adults of all ages.

Social connections

cycloBEAT provides meaningful and fun exercise with friends and family. 


cycloBEAT is not a static video but a dynamic environment where you influence how your character moves.  This ensures that you are always aware of your progress in your exercise. 

Takes up little space

2-8 bikes can be connected to one cycloBEAT system. The amount of space needed for four bikes, the console, and the screen is only approx. 9 m2.



More than 3.000.000 game sessions a year! 

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