For multi-professional rehabilitation

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        rehabWall is intended as a tool for multi-professional rehabilitation.

        The exercises have been created in collaboration with health professionals. The product utilizes Virtual Reality glasses, a balance board, a touch screen and a motion sensor. Exercises designed for physiotherapy and occupational therapy help users strengthen their functional abilities. A health professional can monitor the customer’s progress in these exercises in great detail.

        Creating a rehabilitation program for a customer is easier when their progress is easy to monitor and study.

        rehabWall brings efficiency to rehabilitation

        Ease of use, the ability to create individual exercises and receive detailed data about the customer’s progress bring efficiency to rehabilitation.

        Neurological rehabilitation

        rehabWall is suitable for improving and restoring sensory and cognitive abilities and a wide range of motor skills. For example, rehabWall can be used in unilateral paresis rehabilitation. There the patient's hand function may be improved through a game of drawing patterns displayed on the screen. Alternatively, playing a memory game can be used to combine cognitive and hand function rehabilitation.


        The exercises have been created in collaboration with health professionals. The product utilizes Virtual Reality glasses, a balance board, a touch screen and a motion sensor. A health professional can adjust the level of difficulty as well as many other settings to build different exercise programs. 

        Suitable for users with disabilities

        rehabWall offers content that is suitable for users with disabilities. It comes with a stand with adjustable height, making it possible for wheelchair users to use rehabWall with ease.

        Can be used alone or with assistance

        rehabWall includes two sections, touch screen exercises that can be performed alone and VR, motion camera and balance board exercises can be used alone or with the assistance of a health professional.

        Occupational therapy

        Incorporating rehabWall into your rehabilitation program can make it a much more motivating and pleasant experience for the user.  The content is fun and engaging for users of different ages. In addition, the users can use the rehabWall alone without the assistance of a health professional.

        Easy to customize and keep track of progress

        The initial ability of the customer can be verified as the health professional receives diverse feedback on the exercises. After the exercise the health professional can clearly see the results and all exercise data is stored for follow-up. Creating an individual rehabilitation program is easier when the rehabilitator's progress can be measured in real time. 

        Fun to do together

        In addition to being useful for rehabilitative purposes, using rehabWall is a great way for family members to engage with each-other when visiting a relative in rehabilitation. Having fun with rehabWall can also provide a pleasant break from everyday life. Many of the games take place in nature and offer the opportunity to experience a different environment in a meaningful way. 


        rehabWall content 

        Observation exercise with VR glasses 

        This exercise is designed to alleviate cognitive impairment. Through visual perception and recognition tasks the customer can improve their visual alertness. 

        Weight transfer exercises

        These exercises are designed for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, improving functional ability and alleviating the symptoms of paralysis and muscle weakness.

        Mobility and body control exercises

        Utilizing a motion sensor, these exercises improve mobility and body control. A health professional can create custom sequences of movements suitable for their individual customers.  

        Rehabilitation and activation

        rehabWall also includes exercises for memory rehabilitation and memory development training. Some of these games can be played alone, or together. 

        “Using the device has also been a nice thing for families to do when they have come to visit a relative at the ward. Gamification can provide a pleasant break from everyday life at the hospital ward.”

        - Occupational therapist Raija Romppainen, Kainuu Sote

        “rehabWall activates various functions in the brain in a variety of ways, alertness, motor skills, perceptual abilities and ERP skills, which can help achieving better results in rehabilitation.”

        - Kauko Pitkänen, Chief Physician of Vetrea Rehabilitation

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