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tapWall 2.0 

tapWall is a touch screen product with games suitable for the youngest members of the family.

Different games can be played alone or together. tapWall includes games that develop reaction speed, coordination, memory, and more. tapWall is compact in size and takes up little floor and wall space.

tapWall is ideal for schools, airports and hotels, and all kinds of kids' play areas.   

tapWall helps to diversify your space

Intuitive and effortless entertainment and learning. 

Your own virtual pet

tapWall is home to a virtual pet named Fluffy, whom you can play basketball with, dress up, accessorize, feed, and take care of. You can buy food, clothing, and furniture with the play money you get by playing tapWall games. Fluffy keeps kids entertained for hours.

Compact Size

tapWall is very compact in size and takes up little floor and wall space (approx. 2m2 / 6.5 x 6.5 feet)

Suitable for users with disabilities

tapWall has content that is suitable for users with disabilities. tapWall stand is also available with motoric adjustable height.

tapWall inspires and motivates

tapWall provides entertainment and learning for children and adults of all ages.

Learn together

tapWall games activate the upper body and develop your skills, such as reaction speed, eye-hand coordination, and memory. tapWall teaches social skills while you play games and take care of Fluffy together! 

Active screen time

You can learn the clock, calendar, and a thermometer by playing tapWall. The thermometer is displaying the local temperature outside.  You can even see current real-time weather and season from a virtual window. These tools teach kids about the time and date, the four seasons, and the weather. 

Fun to do together

tapWall offers meaningful entertainment and activity for kids of all ages. You can play all the games alone or together with the whole family.


tapWall games


Do you have fast reflexes? In this game, the goal is to tap the buttons that light up in the right order as fast as possible. Tap-O-Matic can be played alone or with a friend. 


Are you a keeper? Test your goal-keeping abilities and move the goalie to keep the balls out of the net and dodge the fireballs.


Test your memory and find pairs of animals as quickly as possible and with the least amount of moves. There are several levels of difficulty and you can play alone or with a friend. 


Test your reaction speed and tap the lights that blink as quickly as possible. Mistakes will detract from your points. The higher the difficulty the more lights and the faster the pace. 

Connect The stars

Repeat the sequence of stars that light up on the screen before the time runs out. As you progress through the game, the longer the sequences will be. If you do well, you will get to see the northern lights and the reindeer of Lapland. 

Drone Delivery

Drones delivering eggs? Why not! How many drones will you crash and how many eggs will you crack before you make it all the way to the finish line? Steer clear of obstacles and gather batteries to avoid running out of energy. 


Multiplication tables are learned through repetition. Mathbuilder is a fun way to practice multiplication. You can pick specific tables or all of the tables 1-10. The more correct answers you get and the faster you answer, the more you build. 

Jigsaw Puzzle

Who is the best at solving puzzles? Puzzle building develops both children's and adults' memory, spatial intelligence, and logical thinking. Choose the difficulty level that suits you and challenge a friend to see who is the fastest. 

“The new games are really neat and the kids love the Drone Delivery game especially!”  

- Danny Beach, Fitness Club Manager, Mt. Airy, Maryland USA

More than 3.000.000 games sessions a year! 

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